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Painless Delivery

Painless Labor (Delivery)

Apprehensions, anxiety and fear about the labor pains have always existed. This perception of pain is gradually getting changed with the introduction of labor analgesia for painless labor. Some women can control their pain by breathing, focusing or relaxing techniques while for others the pain is very severe, anxiety further acts as an additive factor. In some cases, the labor may be short i.e. 4 to 8 hours, but in other cases it may go on up to 24 hours, specially in first pregnancy. This new technique of making labor a painless experience has been appreciated and acknowledged by all those patients who have opted for this procedure. In United States more then 70 to 80 % expectant mothers opt for this procedure, in India also with increased level of information & awareness more and more would be mothers have started to opt this procedures. Epidural Analgesia is the very popular and is being used safely for more then 20 years. There are other methods of pain relief but they are not as safe and effective as this one. In this method patient’s back is cleaned with an antiseptic liquid and the area where the catheter is to be introduced is numbed with a local anesthetic. The needle is then passed into the epidural space small doses of medicines is introduced into the lower back spine through a fine plastic tube. This medicine so injected relives pain while labor and descent of the baby continues.

The early mild labor pains have to be borne by the patient Epidural analgesia is given only when labor is well set and the cervix or the opening of the uterus is at least 3-4 cm. This requires close monitoring by a team of Gynecologist and Anaesthetist. Drug is introduced at regular intervals depending on the requirement and intensity of the pain. This procedure is SAFE for both the baby and the mother.

The procedure is carried out in the room itself. In Bhandari Hospital and Research Centre LABOR DELIVERY SUITES, facility is also available. This facility offers:

Advantages of Painless Labor (Delivery)

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