Phone No. 0141-2703851, 2703852 Mobile No. 9660006228 Emergency No. +91 9829770055

Phone No. 0141-2703851, 2703852

Mobile No. 9660006228

Emergency No. +91 9829770055

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Rain Water Harvesting at Bhandari Hospital

Solar Geyser Plant

A Solar Water Heater is a device which provides hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning etc. using solar energy. It is generally installed at the terrace or where sunlight is available and heats water during day time which is stored in an insulated storage tank for use when required including mornings.

No Green House Gases:

Ongoing Free Energy:

Green Wall

A Green Wall is a wall partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing medium such as soil. Most green walls also feature an integrated water delivery system. Green Wall are also known as living wall or vertical garden.

Living walls provide pleasant surroundings to look out on from other buildings and from the ground and thus improve the quality of life. Many studies have demonstrated the soothing and relaxing psychological effect of greenery. Walking through botanical gardens reduces blood pressure and lowers the heart beat. Another study shows that the presence of greenery helps one recover more quickly from stress. So looking out on a living wall is good for your health.

CO2 is a gaseous substance created mainly through the combustion of fossil fuels. Living walls help to reduce CO2 in the air, and subsequently global warming Fine particles in the air are one of the greatest dangers to public health. They cause heart problems and aggravate pulmonary diseases. The leaves on a living wall capture more fine particles than a smooth stone wall without greenery. This is because of the irregular structure of the surface. The more irregular the surface is more fine particles that are captured. Cities typically suffer from high levels of exhaust fumes living walls are therefore very beneficial to the air quality and reduction of fine particles in the air.

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